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Instrument Construction - arching the plates

The making of a violoncello, based on the Stradivari pattern "Forma B Piccola".

Having formed the rib structure and joined the front and back plates, I now proceed to shape the outside of the instrument.


The outline of the 'cello is roughly cut out and initially I use a plane to achieve the long arch.


I use the shape of the rib structure to help me get the final instrument shape, here I am working the corner shape with a file.

The front and back plates roughly arched and outlines complete.



Scribing the line of the purfling channel before cutting it.


Cutting and picking out the purfling channel.


Purfling has been bent and cut to shape, now being glued in place.



Blending the fluting into the arch.


Finding my inner 'cello!



I use scrapers for the final shaping and surface finishing.


The next stage in the making process is hollowing and tuning the plates.