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June's 'cello Restoration

This 'cello came to the workshop in a very sorry state! An old poorly executed repair to a soundpost crack had failed, resulting in the soundpost sticking right through the front of the instrument. Although much loved for many years by the owner, it was not a high quality instrument and the intergral bass bar was not strong enough to support the arching which had collapsed badly. In addition to this there were several cracks, the pegs needed to be replaced, the edges were very worn and it needed a general overhaul.

This is how the 'cello looked when it came in for repair.

A front view of the damage to the belly.


The internal view of the damaged front.

A full plaster cast was required to restore the arching.


A new fitted bass bar gives the strength needed for support and sound.



The extent of the damage was revealed as I started to fit the patch.


Thicknessing the soundpost patch.

I fitted studs to secure the cracks and also to add weight in strategic spots to improve the tone of the 'cello.


Transforming the fruit wood fingerboard.

Retouching to the front.





The restored 'cello.




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