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Instrument Construction

This page shows the making of a violoncello, based on the Stradivari pattern "Forma B Piccola".

This model of 'cello has been very successful for me, and the completed instrument can be viewed here.

Every aspect of my instruments is considered, even down to the quality of the block wood. Here the spruce is being split for the making of corner and end blocks.


The grain of the blocks is aligned for maximum strength and shaped to fit my template.

Sycamore ribs are thicknessed and then bent to fit around the mould.

Linings are fitted around the ribs to strengthen them and provide a greater gluing surface to the plates.


The belly and back are formed from bookmatched wedges of spruce and sycamore.

The plates are joined in the traditional manner with animal glue.


The next stage in the making process is carving the plates.