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"I've been lucky enough over the years to be blessed with wonderful instrument makers.

The fine acoustic fiddle used on this recording was made by Sheena Laurie. I played it once, at an exhibition of new instruments and knew immediately it was made for traditional music - and that it had to come home with me."

-Brian McNeill, "The Baltic Tae Byzantium", 2009



"It is a joy and a privilege to be an owner of a Laurie violin. Not only is it esthetically beautiful, it also responds like an old instrument. There was an exhibition of modern Italian violins recently in town. I tried them all and none of them comes close to a Laurie violin. You have to try it to experience it", Raymond Leung, Atlanta.

"Sheena, Just wanted to let you know how thrilled I am with the violin. It really has a very open, clear, and beautiful tone to it. I let my teacher play it as well and she made the same comments. Many years of enjoyment ahead..... Thanks again", Tom C., California.




All my instruments are based on classic models but also have a recognisable style of my own which I continue to develop. I am very much concerned with creating instruments that have a powerful and richly expressive voice. I take a lot of care in the setting up and tonal adjustment of each instrument so that they are easy to play and difficult to put down! Every commissioned instrument comes with a personalised high quality, hard back, bound photobook featuring images of your very own instrument in every stage of the making process from the raw timber to the finished article.

Please contact me for further information about my instruments, costs and current approximate making time.

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